Here’s One Way to Maximize Your Credit Union Advocacy Strategy

Great advocates know how to tell a compelling story. It’s how they successfully influence, unite, teach, and inspire people and communities. Within the Credit Union Movement, storytelling is essential to showcasing the unique structure, value, and impact of credit unions and moving the needle on key priorities at the local, state, and federal levels.

NWCUA invites you to connect with your credit union peers for the must-attend Advocacy Training 101 in July. Whether you’re a branch manager, CEO, board member, or other professional, your advocacy efforts are critical in making a positive impact on the Movement.

During the virtual two-day workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of credit union advocacy and learn valuable skills for advocating in the current climate, including how to:

  • Communicate with elected officials and successfully articulate the Credit Union Difference;
  • Find ways in which you can engage in credit union advocacy at all levels of government; and
  • Create a personal advocacy strategy for you and your credit union.

The program agenda includes discussions with state lobbyists, the people who work with legislators every day and help tell the story of the Credit Union Difference.

“Even for the most seasoned credit union advocate, the environment is ever-changing. There is  always more to learn and new strategies to explore,” said Ryan Fitzgerald, VP, Legislative Affairs for Idaho. “One strong message from any advocate can go a long way in advancing the Movement and securing a brighter future for credit unions and their members.”

Learn more and register for Advocacy 101 online. Then stay tuned for more information about Advocacy 201, set to be held in August.

Have questions about advocacy training? Please contact Jordan Beyer, Grassroots Advocacy Manager.

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