The Key to Staying Top of Wallet

Great member service is something credit unions are known for. It goes hand-in-hand with offering the best products and services, and is critical to building member loyalty.

Now more than ever, your members want to know that you provide safe, secure, and convenient banking solutions — the kind that can help relieve some stress from their busy lives.

Today’s dynamic and ever-changing credit card market is a complex one, both for consumers and credit unions. There are so many credit card offers out there that it’s easy for members to become overwhelmed.

Your members want a credit card program with a full slate of cardholder benefits; you want the revenue and relationship-building potential that a thriving credit card program offers.

How do you provide the features and service members expect without stretching your operational capacity?

CO-OP’s Full Service Credit program offers a member-first solution using innovative technology that ensures member satisfaction with features such as fraud protection; reward programs; a smartphone app; 24/7 member support; and, possibly most important, a first-rate payment experience.

It combines analytics, fraud reduction, risk management, fully outsourced member services, and personalized loyalty programs in a highly integrated card-processing program.

Here are just a few of the key components:
  • Credit card processing and issuance;
  • Portfolio consulting services, a program that identifies opportunities and limits risks;
  • Analytics tools that track your program’s performance and cardholder behavior;
  • Smart Phone app that lets your members manage control of their cards, adding security for both the credit union and your members;
  • Fraud and risk management tools to detect fraud and help manage disputes in fraud cases; and
  • Personalized loyalty programs that come with reward fulfillment services and card member support.

Learn more about the Strategic Link partner’s credit product online.

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