Micro-Communities Unite the Northwest’s Passionate Credit Union Enthusiasts

The Credit Union Movement’s primary purpose is to improve consumers’ financial well-being, and with a not-for-profit, cooperative business model, credit unions do that work with heart. You might say the “soul” of that mission in the Northwest is the Micro-Communities group, which works collaboratively to help build a strong and viable future for the industry.

These passionate individuals, made up of credit union Chapters, Young Professional networking groups, Northwest Development Educator Networks, the Sister Societies of the Global Women’s Leadership Network, and others, make a huge impact not only on their communities but also on millions of members who rely on the credit unions that serve them.

Recently they gathered for their Q2 Roundtable meeting to discuss current projects and how they plan to continue their work throughout the rest of the year.

The topic of video conferences was a key point of discussion during the meeting, with many expressing frustrations with “Zoom fatigue,” a real phenomenon acknowledged by experts. With so many teams going remote over the past year, video conferencing has skyrocketed. The group shared tips with one another for mitigating this issue, including:

  • Use the “hide self-view” feature. Being able to see yourself as you interact with your peers can be a huge distraction and prevent real connections from taking place.
  • If possible, attend the meeting by audio only. This can heighten your listening skills and take the pressure off of being on camera.
  • Welcome the silence that occurs during a virtual meeting. The silent space provides a time for less-vocal attendees to ask a question or share during the discussion.

Another topic of interest focused on challenges some of the Micro-Communities face with communication and engagement. Some solutions shared included moving away from email and video conferencing and utilizing more collaborative platforms such as Trello and Slack.

Group members also shared updates about upcoming virtual events and plans for in-person events in the near future, some as early as June.

Laura Henry, Willamette Chapter President and Business Process Manager for Oregon Community Credit Union, shared that the Chapter recently partnered with Bloodworks Northwest to host a virtual blood drive and hopes to do so again in June, as donation numbers tend to drop during the summer months. She encouraged other Micro-Communities to partner with Bloodworks NW or host their own blood drives and offered to share her contact for the organization.

Mark Gonzalez, NWCUA’s Senior Manager of Member Engagement and facilitator for the Roundtable, knows how vital Micro-Communities are to the Northwest Credit Union Movement. These quarterly meetings highlight all of the incredible work they do each day.

“It’s their passion that drives them to make an impact in their communities and share that knowledge and experience with their peers,” he said.

Visit the Micro-Communities events page online to see what they have planned over the next few months.

Have questions about NWCUA’s Micro-Communities? Please contact Gonzalez.  

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