ICCU Launches ‘Achieve for College’ Financial Education Program

One way credit unions help people build brighter financial futures is by offering them free financial education resources — either through social media, online courses, webinars, financial reality fairs, workshops, or other avenues.

NWCUA’s Community Impact Reporting Tool found that credit unions in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington provided free financial education to 207,000 youth and 68,000 adults in 2019.

Idaho Central Credit Union recently announced a new mobile-first financial education resource geared toward college students. It’s called the Achieve for College program and is available, free of charge, to students attending select colleges and universities across the Gem State. Designed to help students build on their financial health and confidence, the program was created in partnership with EVERFI Inc., a leader in financial wellness technology solutions.

Achieve for College offers a robust library of learning topics around important money management concepts, including budgeting, college loans, saving for emergencies, building credit, and more. The interactive platform provides students with the tools and personalized knowledge necessary to make informed just-in-time financial decisions.

“We are excited to help improve the student’s understanding of financial literacy and assist in establishing smart financial habits,” said Laura Smith, VP of Public Relations at ICCU. “We chose this real-life application so students can use the skills they’ve learned from this program in their personal lives.”

According to the 2019 Money Matters on Campus Report, managing money is a daunting challenge faced by college and university students, with nearly half (47%) saying they don’t feel prepared to manage their money. From opening a credit card to taking out a student loan, buying a home, or saving for retirement, most students feel unprepared to make large financial decisions without additional information. Through Achieve for College, users are guided through exercises that allow them to practice making financial decisions most relevant to them in a fail-safe environment. Each topic area offers a 3-6 minute module that enables users to apply what they have learned to their personal financial goals. The program is available on all internet-enabled devices so that learners can access it anytime, anywhere.

“Understanding your finances and making sound financial decisions is key to a strong future, but many people don’t know where to turn to get the information they need in a way that is easily digestible and understandable,” said EVERFI Co-Founder and President Ray Martinez. “This program is a testimony to EVERFI’s commitment to providing financial education to learners of all ages, and we commend Idaho Central Credit Union for making this commitment to educate college students in Idaho, allowing them to take control of their financial health.”

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