Performance Pro and Compease Help Oregonians CU Streamline Employee Evaluations

During a time when hybrid positions have taken over what were once considered traditional jobs with well-defined duties, managing employee performance and determining salary packages has become increasingly challenging for credit unions.

While some jobs have remained standard, today’s competitive environment and tightened budgets have called for credit unions to create positions that combine a variety of their employees’ talents and skills. These days, evaluating employees and determining compensation isn’t merely a matter of performance scores ranging from one to five and simple salary codes — it’s somewhat more complex.

For Northwest credit unions, CU Solutions Group’s Performance Pro and CompEase solutions streamline the employee evaluation process and take the guesswork out of compensation packages.

Performance Pro’s professional software and management technology improves and simplifies employee performance processes. Used alongside CompEase, which incorporates the best market data and compensation analysis, all salary ranges are determined in a fair, organized, and defensible manner.

It’s no secret that to get the most out of your employees, they need to feel valued, so it’s important for credit unions to set up achievable, performance-based goals that align with the organization’s overall strategy. Although its technology takes the guesswork out of much of the evaluation process, Performance Pro leaves room for personalization, with a top-down alignment between individual goals and your credit union’s overall strategic plan, which facilitates coaching and feedback for your employees.

Oregonians Credit Union President and CEO, Sam Launius, found Performance Pro and CompEase to be a near-perfect solution for employee management.

“Some of our staff positions don’t fit into a narrowly defined job as they did in days past, and as some of those positions became more complex, we struggled to create salary ranges that fit the job description and were fair,” he said. “I found the logic applied by CompEase’s systems to mirror ours, but provided much more detail to make our positions clear. I also believe having an outside opinion shows that we value transparency, and that is important to our staff.”

Retention of key employees is critical to the success of each organization. Integration of Performance Pro and CompEase helps identify top performers within your credit union.

Launius also credits Performance Pro with streamlining the evaluation process for Oregonians’ employees. He said that by creating a much more consistent review system, the quality and efficiency of reviews has improved.

“We appreciate the ability that Performance Pro has given us to complete performance reviews in a timely manner, while comparing like position performance,” Launius said. “It allows us to ensure that our reviews are consistent among peers. Describing performance has been one of our biggest challenges, so the comment suggestions have proven to be a critical component for us and has improved the quality of our feedback.”

Launius said he only wishes his credit union had found Performance Pro and CompEase sooner.

Don’t wait too long to find the solution Oregonians Credit Union found! Want to learn more about how CU Solutions Group’s Performance Pro and CompEase can help your credit union? Visit its partner page online or contact the Strategic Link team.

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