CoBrowsing: Get on the Same Page as Your Members

When members experience a problem that only their credit union can solve, they expect a swift and smooth resolution. They don’t want to spend hours talking on the phone with an call center agent, unable to articulate or explain the complex issue they’re having.

A recent survey by Accenture found that 73% of consumers expect customer service to be easier and more convenient, 61% expect service to be faster, and 83% who switched to new providers said that better live or in-person customer service would have impacted their decision.

Strategic Link partner, Glia, says CoBrowsing can save the day. With this handy technology, members and agents quickly get on the same page — literally. With one click of the mouse, agents can instantly view and interact with members’ web browsers to find and solve the problem at hand. Then, agents can show members how to properly resolve the issue in real time and much more quickly than they could if they were relying on legacy communication channels, like the telephone.

Not only does CoBrowsing help credit unions better serve their members, but it helps foster long-term trust and loyalty. Especially when combined with business logic and video or audio chat, CoBrowsing also creates deeper levels of engagement comparable to an in person member experience.

Credit unions that add CoBrowsing to their suite of member service solutions are able to:
  • Resolve issues faster.
    CoBrowsing provides valuable visual context and allows companies to “show” not just “tell” — leading to decreased average handle time and more satisfied members.
  • Observe problems in real-time.
    Leveraging CoBrowsing’s “Observation” mode, credit unions can see potential issues before the member engagement even begins.
  • Add a new dimension to inbound phone calls.
    With Glia’s standalone CoBrowsing solution, credit unions can marry inbound support calls with the web browsing sessions the calls originated from.
  • Plug the leaks in their online funnels.
    Complex transactions or lengthy forms often provide members with numerous exit opportunities. CoBrowsing allows credit unions to guide members through these drop-off points — increasing conversion significantly.

To learn more about how Glia’s technology enables credit unions to create high-touch, human interactions in a seamless, secure, and scalable manner, visit their partner page or reach out to the Strategic Link team.

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