Unitus Community Credit Union Pledges $50,000 to Randall Children’s Hospital

Unitus Community Credit Union has pledged $50,000 to Legacy Emanual Randall Children’s Hospital to provide their Family Birth Center with a BloodTrack and Belmont Rapid Infuser, a remote blood inventory system that provides emergency blood transfusions at the bedside — the first in the Legacy Health System to receive this lifesaving equipment.

Unitus’ sponsorship extends Randall’s blood bank to their Family Birth Center, allowing hospital staff to safely store and dispense blood within minutes and reducing the life-threatening wait time in an emergency. This support is crucial as the care mothers and babies receive before, during, and immediately after birth can have significant lifelong impacts on families and communities. Randall’s estimates more than 25 moms and their newborn babies will benefit from this lifesaving equipment each year.

“We’re incredibly thankful for all of the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff at Randall’s Family Birth Center that are working tirelessly to ensure at-risk women and their babies are safe, secure, and receiving top-notch care, especially in times of emergency,” said Steve Stapp, Unitus President and CEO. “Sponsoring the addition of BloodTrack equipment to deliver lifesaving blood to new moms is the kind of critical, impactful work we aim to provide to our community. This was a small way we could give back to Randall’s for all they do while supporting some of our most vulnerable community members.”

Randall Children’s Hospital welcomes families of every socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic background, as well as LGBTQ+ families, at their Family Birth Center. Understanding that every family is unique, Randall’s recognizes that each birth is an opportunity to help strengthen that family and create a healthier, happier future. Unitus is thrilled to share in and uplift this vision.

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