3 Emerging Leaders Graduates Share Their Biggest Takeaways from the Program

Up-and-coming leaders in the Northwest Credit Union Movement have just a few more days to submit their applications for the 2021 Emerging Leaders Scholarship, which will provide tuition-free registration to the award-winning leadership development program.

The Emerging Leaders Program provides passionate credit union professionals with a unique opportunity to cultivate, nurture, and grow their leadership potential. Delivered through various virtual channels, the 2021 program focuses on strategic leadership skills, effective assessment and feedback processes, leadership models, executive presence, and more.

This year, the program will take place from May 18 to Feb. 15, 2022. Scholarship applications are due April 9, and a winner will be selected April 26. Learn more about the program and register online.

Below, three graduates of last year’s virtual Emerging Leaders Program share what they found most valuable from the experience.

Brian Fassett
Senior Training Specialist/LMS Administrator

Advantis Credit Union, Portland

My favorite part of the program was the one-on-one coaching calls that I had with Peter Myers. He was there to provide support, guidance, and insight for each of the major milestones of the program. I came away from each call excited to continue the program and ready to complete the next step.

The thing I found most immediately valuable for my career was the Vision Strategy Method (VSM). During the time I was in the Emerging Leaders Program, I had the opportunity to take on the leadership of a short-term project team of 15 people with a 120-day timeline. I was able to apply the VSM to plan the project and create an action plan. It was much more comprehensive than previous project plans I had done, and led to an on-time successful project completion.

Kaitie Loughmiller
Underwriting Supervisor, Consumer Loans

Salal Credit Union, Seattle

Emerging Leaders was most beneficial to my growth as a leader as it helped me understand others’ successes and struggles while sharing my own. The learning modules and discussion boards also helped to propel me to engage with others and seek assessments. The program fostered a great connection in the virtual setting through both the group Zoom meetings and one-on-one calls with our coaches. We were able to connect face to face and share real time information with one another.

Throughout the program I learned how important it was to trust myself. Trust is so easily broken, yet it can be so hard to gain within oneself. The Emerging Leaders program pushed me to trust myself as a leader while being committed to staying focused and intentional with my actions. 

Rachel Biars
Talent & Development Specialist
Verity Credit Union, Seattle

While I think most people join development programs hoping for the “secret tactical tool” that will help them be effective leaders, one of the greatest benefits of participating in the Emerging Leaders Program was having the dedicated space and time carved out to connect with others in the credit union industry and engage in discussion. This networking was the most valuable; it not only provided reinforcement and assurance that there are many things that my organization and I are doing well, but it also helped to reveal opportunities for improvement – as well as potential solutions!

I certainly had a major, personal breakthrough during Emerging Leaders. I’m a leader that is driven by achieving results and am most persuaded by data. To me, data was impartial evidence that removed the messiness that feelings and emotion can bring into a situation: if the data says we should go in a certain direction, as a leader, I should drive my team and those around me towards that direction at full pace! However, Emerging Leaders helped me to recognize the importance of making space for emotion in the leadership process.

Have questions about the Emerging Leaders Program? Please contact Holly Miller, NWCUA Director of Programming.

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