Drive Engagement with Personalized Text Messaging

Where are your members today? Planning future careers? Looking for their first home? Getting ready to become parents? About to get a promotion? Preparing for retirement? Chances are a good chunk of your membership currently fall into several of these categories.

If you’re sending the same message to all of them, it’s likely to be deleted by most. As a credit union, you’ve forged valuable relationships with you members, and you know what they need and when. By carefully examining your data, you can personalize outreach and offer the products and services your members are looking for as they navigate life’s various stages.

Customization fosters connection, and with the right technology, it’s easier than ever to meet members where they are — right on the devices they use every day!

The text-messaging platform, Eltropy, enables credit unions to communicate with members securely, efficiently, and in a TCPA-compliant way. Using the Strategic Link partner’s solution, lending, sales, marketing, service, risk management, and other teams at your credit union can leverage text messaging to boost member engagement and enhance the member experience. Even something as unpleasant as a collection alert can be personalized and communicated respectfully to the member, alerting them to an issue and inviting them to talk with you about solutions.

Eltropy also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and leverages analytics to provide unique member engagement insights.

Credit unions across the country and throughout the Northwest are using Eltropy to send product offers and emergency information, resolve member issues, aid in the loan process, and more, keeping them relevant and top-of-mind with members.

“Eltropy is easy to navigate and is a great use of technology to move our credit union forward and stay competitive in this day and age, where members want quick service wherever they go,” said Sarah Means, Loan Center Manager at SELCO Community Credit Union.

Ready to see how Eltropy can help you meet members’ unique needs in 2021? Learn more about the partner online or contact the Strategic Link team.

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