Credit Union Movement’s Resilient Micro-Communities Soar Above Challenges

Micro-Communities are integral to the strength and growth of the Credit Union Movement. The individuals that make up these groups are passionate about the impact not-for-profit financial services providers have on their communities and on the millions of members who trust them with their financial needs.

Through educational opportunities, fundraising, volunteerism, and networking events, Micro-Communities shine a bright light on the Movement’s collaborative spirit and collective action.

In an inspiring display of their resilience and dedication, Micro-Community groups across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington soared across the obstacles of 2020 undeterred, committed to advancing the LEAP (Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Philosophy-in-Action) pillars however they could. Watch an inspiring video of what they accomplished online.

In 2021, they’re ready to make an even bigger impact.

Anthem recently caught up with a few Chapter leaders to find out what being part of the Credit Union Movement means to them.

“Being able to be a part of the Credit Union Difference in the community has always been an exhilarating highlight of serving on the board. Knowing that I get to play a small part in making a difference is all worth it. 

“After all, that’s what it’s all about — People Helping People. It never ceases to make me excited to see local credit unions come together for a common cause, and last year we did just that. Together we raised just over $12,000 for the local Boys & Girls Club at our International Credit Union Day event.”  

– Josh Urbick, Branch Manager at Global Credit Union and Board President of the North Idaho Chapter of Credit Unions

“I serve as a leader for our local Chapter because I believe it’s important that all the credit unions in our community provide a united front to our friends and neighbors. As credit unions, we all serve the same purpose despite our size and differences. It’s fun to work in an industry that is cooperative.”

– Amy Wellard, President and CEO of Pocatello Simplot Credit Union and Board President of the Pocatello Chapter of Credit Unions

It was important for me to serve as a leader on the board of our local credit union chapter so I could further my involvement in the Credit Union Movement on a local level. Being a part of this Micro-Community allows me to collaborate with and learn from other credit union professionals. It also allows us as a group to be a larger, more impactful voice for credit unions within our region.

– Amy Rovig, Social Media Communications Manager at Horizon Credit Union and Board President of the Southwest Idaho Chapter of Credit Unions

“I am so honored and excited to serve as President of the Willamette Chapter of Credit Unions this year. I am an advocate and champion for everything credit unions and I love being able to bring my passion to the Chapter, the board, our credit unions, and the communities we serve.

“Micro-Communities play such a critical role in the Credit Union Movement and even though we don’t know what this year will bring, we are excited to continue to offer engaging ways for our credit union employees to get involved and learn more virtually. With everything being virtual, it has allowed for collaboration opportunities with the other Micro-Communities that didn’t seem possible in the past. By teaming up, we can reach more people and make an even bigger impact.”

– Laura Henry, Business Process Manager at Oregon Community Credit Union and Board President of the Willamette Chapter of Credit Unions

“Working at a credit union, our focus is on People Helping People, which includes our credit union partners and community. It’s important to me that I help connect those involved with the Credit Union Movement so we can all work together to make a positive impact on our members in their financial journey. Serving on the King County Chapter Board has been a privilege and an honor as I get to work with amazing credit unions and credit union partners within King County who share the same vision and goals.”

– Kayci Holland, Retail Service and Sales Officer at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union and Board President of the King County Chapter of Credit Unions

Learn more about Northwest Micro-Communities by visiting them online.

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