Beyond Contact: Elevate the Member Experience with a Digital-First Engagement Center

Traditional contact centers may no longer be the best way to meet the urgent and rapidly evolving needs of credit union members. Members’ expectations have grown alongside digital acceleration, which means credit unions must find more effective ways to foster engagement among their membership.

According to Strategic Link partner, Glia, the key to succeeding in this effort is to transform the contact centers of yesteryear into technologically advanced “engagement” centers.

While there are several components that make up the member experience, perhaps the most influential is fast, efficient service and support. In today’s fast-paced environment, members expect immediate solutions to their issues offered in the shortest amount of time. Members are also busy; their time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on navigating sluggish, outdated systems. To meet these expectations, credit unions must adapt their operations to elevate the member experience.

What is an engagement center?

Whereas a contact center facilitates contact with a member through various channels, numerous representatives, and a hodgepodge of technology solutions, an engagement center funnels member engagement through all channels to a single representative and technology solution.

By routing a member support telephone call to one team and a web chat to another, the engagement center serves as an all-in-one member service hub, capable of going beyond chat to include phone calls, web audio, live video, and visual engagement solutions, such as CoBrowsing and Live Observation.

Bundling all communication channels into a single solution and layering on behavioral, demographic, and visual context enables credit unions to provide unrivaled support — not only meeting member expectations, but often exceeding them.

The goal of an engagement center is to provide an exceptional experience to the member on their terms, which results in a faster, more efficient path to a conversion event (lead acquisition, purchase, issue resolution, etc.).

The experts at Glia can help. The Strategic Link partner’s digital customer service solution offers members intelligent and seamless on-screen experiences, boosting efficiency while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more about how Glia can help turn your contact center into an engagement center, visit the Strategic Link partner’s page online or contact the Strategic Link team. 

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