Save Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours with NuQuo

Many Northwest credit unions are in the process of re-strategizing their branch operations as they adopt a digital-first approach to serving members, meaning now is a perfect time to renegotiate current office equipment contracts.

Successful organizations thrive on productivity, and modern credit unions rely on digital imaging as much as printing. NuQuo is a vendor-neutral, fully independent consulting firm that specializes in contract negotiations for document imaging products. According to the Strategic Link partner, there are four pillars to look at when it comes to a credit union’s document imaging fleet:

  1. Equipment costs
  2. Lease rates
  3. Service rates
  4. Utilization

NuQuo negotiates each one of these pillars to bring credit unions the best rates and contracts that put the power back in their hands, rather than the dealer’s.

Now more than ever, security is a top priority in the financial services industry. When evaluating a credit union’s current fleet of imaging equipment, NuQuo ensures they have access to the most up-to-date, cutting-edge security technology available.

iQ Credit Union, based in Vancouver, Washington, signed with the Strategic Link partner in 2017. With NuQuo’s buying power and industry knowledge, the credit union was able to save roughly 40% over their previous managed print contracts.

“I would absolutely recommend NuQuo’s services,” said Taylor White, Facilities Manager at iQ CU. “They did all the legwork gathering data and creating the request for proposal/billing process. They will save you time and money.”

Let NuQuo do the same for your credit union — reach out to our Strategic Link partner for a free, no-obligation contract consultation. If NuQuo can’t come up with a better savings solution, your credit union will receive $1,000 cash. Read more about the $1,000 challenge here.

Visit the Strategic Link partner’s page online or contact the Strategic Link team to learn more.

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