Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign’s 2020 Northwest Analytics Now Available

Northwest credit union leaders gathered last week to hear how the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign performed throughout 2020 and to learn about newly launched features for 2021. The campaign is aimed at raising the collective credit union brand so consumers know to consider credit unions when looking for a financial partner.

The Feb. 24 webinar, hosted by the Credit Union Awareness team and the Northwest Credit Union Association, examined the campaign’s digital advertising performance from January of 2020 — when it was first launched — to January of this year. The full presentation and 2020 report may be viewed on NWCUA’s website.

The campaign was paused in spring 2020, as the CU Awareness team re-examined messaging, aligning it with consumers’ focus on financial security. The Northwest relaunched digital advertising in June.

Throughout the 12-month period in the Northwest, digital ads saw more than 125 million impressions and the campaign’s videos were viewed nearly 18 million times. While the ads and videos are designed to reach consumers between the ages of 24 to 55, Northwest analytics show it’s resonating especially well with those between the ages of 25 to 34.

Consumers “don’t know if they’re eligible to join, and they think of credit unions as a highly localized experience,” said Chris Lorence, CUNA Chief Credit Union Awareness Officer. “Fintech is very focused on millennials. This is the competition going forward.”

He also touched on several new features now available, including “Join Now” buttons added to contributing credit unions’ listings on, the campaign’s consumer-facing website. The campaign’s ads drive traffic to the site, which then assists consumers in finding a credit union near them.

In addition, the campaign has expanded its creative collateral library, providing credit unions with more options to customize and share Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union messaging. Lorence encouraged credit unions to use the collateral on their websites and in their physical branches so that consumers will connect the campaign’s messaging to their specific credit union.

“We set a goal for ourselves — we want to see an increase in consumer consideration year over year,” Lorence stressed.

For more information about the campaign, visit CUNA’s website. Contributing credit unions are encouraged to visit Contributor HQ to download the latest advertising collateral and useful messaging guides.

“We’re thankful to all the Northwest credit unions that are supporting this important consideration campaign,” said Danielle Sittu, NWCUA SVP of Communications and Marketing. “As Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union continues throughout our region, more consumers will explore credit unions as their financial partners this year and in to 2022.”

Now live in 25 states, the campaign’s digital ads have seen 2.2 billion impressions and 924 million video views from start to finish. More than 5 million consumers have visited

If your credit union would like to make contribute to Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative, contact Sittu.

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