Show Your Members Love This Valentine’s Day with Rewards

There are a lot of compelling reasons to convert to a credit union, from good values and trust to better rates and service. But once someone becomes a member, what’s the next step in keeping them engaged and cementing their loyalty?

In the dynamic and highly competitive world of financial services, it can be tough to stand out. It’s not uncommon for financial institutions to offer incentives, perks, and local discounts, but a great way to ensure members keep your credit union top of mind is to offer them major savings on the products they already use and love in their day-to-day lives.

CU Solutions Group’s Love My Credit Union Rewards program benefits members by saving them hundreds of dollars on services from national brands, such as Intuit TurboTax®TracFoneCarvanaIdentityIQTruStage, Sam’s Club, and SimpliSafe.

To date, the program has saved credit union members an astonishing $2 billion. Money talks — with savings this big, members will be telling their friends, family, and coworkers that their credit union is responsible for the extra spring in their step.

Implementing the Love My Credit Union Rewards program is a simple process; Strategic Link partner, CU Solutions Group, does most of legwork, giving credit unions everything they need to make the program a success.

“We appreciate having the tools and marketing put together. This makes it easy for us to implement and offer this program to our members,” said Don Bratt, VP, Marketing at Lake Michigan Credit Union in Grand Rapids. “We applaud CU Solutions Group for working with all of these partners so we can offer the program to members.”

To learn more about Love My Credit Union Rewards partners and benefits, visit the program online.

For more information about CU Solutions Group, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact the Strategic Link team.

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