CapEd Credit Union Supports Idaho Teachers and Schools Through Crowdfunding Site

CapEd Credit Union is helping schools and teachers in Idaho get the necessary funds they need to inspire creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Through a partnership with the crowdfunding site, Donors Choose, CapEd’s website features education projects that are in need of funding across the Gem State, making it easier than ever for members and nonmembers alike to support local teachers.

Users can explore more than 100 different projects in various stages of funding and choose one they’d like to contribute to. Projects focus on important needs, such as books for every student and equipment for interactive experiments, such as an incubator, which will help preschoolers learn about the development of baby chicks. has a robust search function, allowing users to find Idaho projects based on key words, subject, and grade level. Users can also filter by highest urgency, highest poverty level, lowest cost to complete, popularity, closest to expiring, or newest.

“It’s an easier way for people in our community to find local projects,” said Creative Director for CapEd Credit Union, Matt Johnson, in a demonstration for CBS2 Idaho News. “What we have done with We Love Teachers is we have filtered any Idaho-based projects from Donors Choose.”

The site also includes projects that recently reached their funding goals, giving donors a look at how their donations made a difference.

“We feel like this is a service we are providing to the education community, which we support as a credit union,” Johnson explained. “It’s open to the public — you don’t even have to be a CapEd member to participate. It’s a way for people to discover the needs that are in our schools, and what our teachers really do right now and contribute.”

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