Clackamas Federal Credit Union Offers Second Round of PPP Loans

Beginning on Friday, January 15th, Clackamas began accepting applications for first and second draw Paycheck Protection Program loans for existing and new customers.

The credit union spent last year working especially hard on behalf of local, small businesses by securing SBA loan funding through the PPP. In 2020, more than $16.5 million for over 250 businesses was funded, helping keep friends and neighbors of Clackamas employed.

During the first round of PPP funding, Clackamas’ Business Services Manager, Katie Gillespie, worked until 2 a.m. before the cutoff time in order to get loan dollars for as many business members as possible. Now, the team is getting ready to do it all over again. Clackamas Chief Lending Officer, Kimo Rosa is ready to get started.

“Our purpose is to improve the lives of our members. So we’re thankful for this chance to help out members struggling to keep afloat during this pandemic,” she said. “Supporting small businesses is what we have done for years, so the Clackamas Team is eager to jump in to help with the second round, like we did for the first.“

During the first round, Greg Philo, owner at FIRE Restoration Inc. was able to keep 25 employees on payroll in part due to help from Clackamas Federal Credit Union.

“The PPP money has really helped us out. I once did the math on how many families and people are directly dependent on FIRE for their livelihood,” said Philo. “The number is well over 400 men, women, and children. So please know that your efforts have blessed those 400 people! Thank you, Clackamas and Katie, for all that you did. We are truly appreciative.”

The credit union is emphasizing that both existing and new business members can apply. President and CEO, Aaron Goff, knows there a lot of businesses who need help and are looking for support.

“We want local business in Clackamas County to know that they don’t need to have a long-established membership to apply. They can join the credit union and apply. We want to help out as many businesses in our community as we can. It’s all about people helping people.”

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