Drive Transaction Volume, Profitability, and Member Retention With a Strong Debit Solution

Debit is one of the fastest-changing areas of banking today, and according to Statista, it’s the second most preferred form of payment.

As consumers and businesses alike remain reliant on their debit cards as a primary method of payment, they need a debit program that can meet their needs. CO-OP Financial Services can help credit unions keep up.

The Strategic Link partner’s debit card payment product offers a suite of reporting solutions to help them better analyze customer behavior and metrics, industry-leading fraud protection to help them protect members and provide support in the event of a breach, and more.

With the convenience and accessibility of the entire CO-OP ATM network and Shared Branching network, credit unions and their members can have the ease of access and quality-of-life features they demand from modern debit programs. Features of CO-OP’s debit card solution include:

  • Single platform for PIN and signature processing, which streamlines access to transaction management for back office efficiency.
  • Powerful fraud protection and risk management, helping prevent, detect, and manage fraud with minimal disruption for the credit union and its members.
  • Business intelligence tools, including reports, analytics, and a consultation to optimize debit/ATM performance and highlight opportunities for member engagement.
  • Easy API integration into existing mobile applications, online banking sites, IVR systems and other digital products through the CO-OP Developer Portal.
  • Card controls for a more secure and personalized card experience, as well as card alerts, which provide for real-time notification of transactions by email or text message.
  • Competitive rewards program that can be customized to each credit union’s needs and includes mobile app and online access for member convenience and loyalty.
  • Access to turnkey, customizable consumer marketing support to drive debit transactions via the CO-OP Marketing Portal.
  • 24/7 member and card services support through the CO-OP Contact Center.

To learn more about CO-OP, visit its Strategic Link partner page, or contact the Strategic Link team.

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