Replicate the In-Branch Experience for Mature Members with Glia

Credit unions have been steadily shifting toward a digital-first way of doing business, but over the last 12 months, they’ve largely expedited the process in order to meet members’ urgent needs amid the rapidly changing economy.

While this effort has been welcomed by many, a top priority and challenge for credit unions is ensuring their more mature membership isn’t getting left behind in the shuffle. Credit union CEOs all across the globe are asking themselves, “While I am looking to grow, how can I encourage an aging membership to accept and adopt digital banking technology?”

Many older generations prefer doing their banking the “old-fashioned” way and may be reluctant to rely on technology. They’ve come to depend on their credit unions to provide these valuable in-person, face-to-face member experiences. But the good news is that credit unions can use technology to effectively recreate the in-branch experience through a digital channel.

Credit unions leveraging Glia’s Digital Engagement Platform are in a great position to provide a seamless transition from the in-branch experience to a digital member journey. In addition to numerous other capabilities, the Strategic Link partner’s innovative platform enables credit unions to forge and develop deeper relationships with their members by providing real-time online “face-to-face” experiences with staff. With two-way video communication, members can put a face to a name, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

The platform also streamlines processes for member service representatives, enabling them to accomplish more with fewer resources. By utilizing one integrated system of engagement (as opposed to numerous disparate point solutions), member service reps have more time to focus on each member’s unique needs.

Credit unions are deeply committed to their shared philosophy of “People Helping People,” and while the shift toward digital may not be a welcome one for all members, new and emerging technology in the financial services arena will help make this transition as seamless and frictionless as possible.

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