Your NWCUA Advocacy Team is Ready to Advance Credit Union Priorities for the 117th Congress


The 2020 election is here, and while results will be revealed in the days to come, one thing is for certain — your Northwest Credit Union Association Advocacy Team is ready to advance credit union advocacy priorities for the 117th Congress.

With key races to watch regionally and nationally, credit union advocates can be prepared to establish and build upon existing relationships at both the state and federal levels. Your Association will be evaluating proposed legislation and partnering with credit union advocates in the Northwest to send a unified message about many crucial issues impacting credit unions.

As credit unions look back on this year and the variety of challenges they have overcome, it’s important to reflect on what the Movement accomplished in its advocacy. From thousands of messages sent in response to Calls to Action, to hundreds of participants in the August Hike at Home, to the many individual candidate meetings in between — credit union advocates have shown up in a major way to share stories about the work credit unions are doing for their members each and every day.

And they’ll continue to do so.

By leaning into their relationships with legislators, credit unions can ensure their priorities are advanced and that elected officials are aware of how credit unions serve their members, communities, and Main Street.

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