Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign’s Summer Analytics and Survey Now Available, the campaign’s consumer-facing website, saw record traffic over the summer.


Northwest credit union leaders gathered last week to hear how the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign performed over the summer months regionally, as well as nationally.

The Oct. 20 webinar, hosted by the Credit Union Awareness team and the Northwest Credit Union Association, examined the campaign’s digital advertising performance from May to June. During the summer months, consumers’ online searches for financial partners increased, resulting in strong digital campaign advertising impressions in the Northwest of 49.4 million and 6.7 million campaign video views.

In addition, the campaign’s consumer-facing website,, saw record-breaking traffic. In the coming months, CU Awareness will roll out more features on the site, further encouraging non-members to join.

“We’re so grateful to all the Northwest credit unions that are supporting this long-term initiative,” said Danielle Sittu, NWCUA SVP of Communications and Marketing. “The campaign will continue to raise credit union awareness among consumers in the Northwest, as well as nationally, into 2021 and 2022.”

A survey conducted nationally and regionally by the Glover Park Group this summer revealed that top-of-mind credit union consideration for checking and savings accounts, as well as loans, was high among non-members in the Northwest, with the region’s numbers outpacing those of other areas in the United States. It also revealed another interesting statistic — 71% of millennial Northwest non-member respondents believe credit unions have the same technological tools that banks have. The full survey can be viewed online.

For more information about the campaign, visit CUNA’s website. Contributing credit unions are encouraged to visit Contributor HQ to download the latest advertising collateral and useful messaging guides.

The campaign, first launched in the Northwest in January, was paused this spring as the CU Awareness team re-examined messaging, aligning it with consumers’ current focus on financial security. The Northwest relaunched the campaign in June. The campaign is now live in 24 states, with Northern California, Texas, Tennessee, and Rhode Island launching in July.

As the campaign continues, further contributions are welcome. Contact Sittu to make a pledge. To watch last week’s webinar and view presentations, visit NWCUA online.

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