Help Members Manage Their Charitable Contributions with Pinkaloo


Credit unions are always giving back to their communities — it’s all a part of their cooperative nature and “People Helping People” philosophy. This has been especially evident this year, as they continue to rally both their employees and members to give back to local charities supporting struggling communities through various disasters, such as the recent wildfires that ravaged the Northwest.

Strategic Link partner, Pinkaloo, makes it easy for credit unions to make charitable giving part of their suite of banking services. Pinkaloo’s Modern Giving Account integrates with digital banking systems to facilitate members’ charitable giving, providing credit union members with a centralized account to budget for their giving, discover charities that match their passions, and collaborate with others. It streamlines corporate giving through one easy-to-use platform and amplifies those efforts by encouraging participation, providing a holistic view of the credit union’s community impact, and reinforcing the mission of the Credit Union Movement.

Adding the Modern Giving Account to a credit union’s suite of digital products not only allows members to budget for charitable giving, donate to any approved charities, and keep track of tax receipts within the walls of their trusted credit union, but it also helps grow deposits, increase interchange fees through debit card round-ups, encourage engagement between members, and contribute to brand awareness and increased net promoter scores.

Financial institutions all over the country are partnering with Pinkaloo and seeing success.

One consumer banking director praised the company’s flexibility and teamwork, saying, “We’ve been inspired by Pinkaloo’s ability to get into production with us in such short order … bring value to our customers, all in less than five months!”

Another banking executive particularly appreciated Pinkaloo’s product development and overall vision. “Everything has been carefully thought out and executed — it’s just a great product by a fantastic company.”

To learn more about Pinkaloo, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact the Strategic Link team.

Editor’s Note: If your credit union is looking for additional resources on expanding community impact throughout the region, visit the Northwest Credit Union Foundation online to learn how and contact the team.

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