Keeping the Talent Pipeline Strong in Today’s Climate


Editor’s Note: CUNA Mutual Group is a trusted investment and insurance partner for Northwest credit unions. The Northwest Credit Union Association is pleased to welcome CMG as the platform sponsor for its digital learning program, CU Learning TRAXX.

Human resources professionals know the importance of recruiting — finding the best, most diverse pool of talent possible for an organization is always a top priority. 

Earlier this year, many credit union HR and training professionals across the country were preparing to ramp up their recruiting season through college campus visits, job fairs, and summer conferences. Then the pandemic hit. Now, recruiting requires a different approach.

Even if credit unions aren’t hiring at the same rates or recruiting as many new employees, identifying and fostering talent in the credit union industry should remain top-of-mind. Growing the talent pipeline includes growing the diversity of that pipeline. It’s known that diverse teams make stronger business decisions. Credit unions prioritize creating the best member experience possible, and by doing so, they are focused on forging a path for diverse and talented workforces across the Credit Union Movement.

CUNA Mutual Group, a trusted investment and insurance partner for credit unions, struggled with recruiting this year, like so many other organizations in the financial services industry. But it remained committed to its goal and learned two key lessons as a result:

  1. Stay committed to feeding the pipeline.

Once COVID-19 hit, CUNA Mutual Group didn’t know how it would move forward with its internship program. The Strategic Link partner was expecting more than 55 interns by June 1, and while CUNA Mutual Group didn’t have experience running an all-virtual internship program, the HR Recruiting Team took a chance. As a result, CUNA Mutual Group was able to keep 95% of its 2020 interns, and those who couldn’t join were offered a guaranteed fall 2020 or summer 2021 internship. 

  1. Don’t just identify talent – provide opportunities to develop.

Identifying talent is one important step, but providing opportunities for growth and development is equally important. CUNA Mutual Group’s internship program sparks connections through mentorship, inspires with executive leader-led “Inspirational Thursdays,” and develops via resume-building workshops hosted by a recruiter. 

There are several approaches credit unions can take to successful recruiting — even in today’s tumultuous climate. All that’s required is some creativity, strategy, and a commitment to keeping the diverse talent pipeline strong.

To learn more about CUNA Mutual Group, visit its virtual booth at the Strategic Link Trade Show, now open and accessible 24/7. Visit during CU Learning TRAXX session days, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. PDT, to chat directly with the CUNA Mutual Group team.

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