Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign’s Consumer-Facing Website Sees Record-Breaking Nationwide Traffic


It’s undeniable — now, more than ever before, eyes are being opened to credit unions.

Outstanding web traffic analytics show that last month — specifically on June 11 — the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union digital campaign’s consumer-facing website,, saw 30,850 visits nationwide — the most recorded in one day. The campaign’s ads direct consumers to, which educates visitors on the Credit Union Difference and helps them find a nearby credit union.

According to the Credit Union National Association’s data, Washington consumers were some of the most engaged, helping to drive that record-breaking traffic. CUNA’s stats show the site is seeing approximately 28,000 visits a day — a significant uptick in traffic. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, saw approximately 6,000 visits a day.

“This data suggests the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign is resonating with consumers,” said Danielle Sittu, NWCUA SVP of Marketing and Communications. “Consumers need a trusted financial partner now, more than ever, and they’re seeing credit union value through the digital advertising that’s speaking directly to their concerns as they navigate an uncertain landscape.”

In March, CUNA paused the campaign, nationwide, following COVID-19’s impact on the nation. During the months the campaign was paused, CUNA conducted consumer surveys and realigned the campaign’s messaging to better reflect the current environment. The campaign re-launched nationwide in early June. CUNA will keep a steady finger on the pulse of consumers’ needs by conducting consideration research, which has already begun. The research measures consumers’ unaided/aided consideration of the credit union brand. In 2019, the nationwide benchmark was 13% for unaided consideration when considering a checking or savings account, and 15% when considering a loan.

Prior to COVID-19, the campaign’s 2020 goal was to raise unaided checking/savings consideration to 15% by year-end, and unaided loan consideration to 17%. A 1% change in national unaided consideration would roughly equal 2 million consumers. As more states launch Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union, consideration is likely to increase. It’s also expected to rise as states run the campaign for longer periods of time.

Just last week, the campaign launched in Northern California, Texas, Tennessee, and Rhode Island, bringing the total number of states where the campaign is live to 24.

“As Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union expands its reach, more consumers are learning and sharing that new-found credit union knowledge with their family and friends,” Sittu said. “It’ll only continue to grow over time. To keep up that momentum and secure robust digital ad placement in 2021, we encourage all Northwest credit unions to make a pledge in support of the initiative.”

The campaign’s success wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the region’s credit unions, which have pledged approximately $1.4 million, so far. Fundraising efforts continue, so we can maintain and build upon 2021’s digital media buy.

To learn more or to contribute to the campaign, please contact Sittu. To learn more about Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union, visit NWCUA online.

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