Credit Union Advocates Turn out in Force for Virtual Advocacy Training


Earlier this month, more than 50 credit union employees and board members from across the Northwest engaged in three-day virtual Advocacy Training, hosted by the Northwest Credit Union Association.

Participants joined the small-group sessions on July 13 and 14, hearing from Troy Stang, NWCUA President and CEO; Samantha Beeler, VP, Advocacy; and Ryan Fitzgerald, VP, Legislative Affairs for Idaho.

On the third day of in-depth training, credit union advocates reconvened for a conference session, where they learned about the power of compelling stories and how they help advance Credit Union Movement.

Topics included:
  • Refining the credit union story to highlight the Credit Union Difference.
  • Discussing key stages in the advocacy lifecycle and how they relate to revolutionizing credit unions’ operating environment.
  • Sharing stories from the COVID-19 frontlines and issues that elected officials are most interested in hearing about from credit unions.
  • Coupling great storytelling with compelling data to showcase all that credit unions do to serve their members and communities.
  • Forging relationships with elected officials to build rapport and propel credit union initiatives forward.
  • Advocating with legislators and gaining bi-partisan wins for the Movement.

“Advocacy training is a great opportunity both for folks just beginning their advocacy journey and those more established in their advocacy journey. Stories matter, and learning how to refine them makes us more effective when connecting with legislators,” said Jordan Beyer, NWCUA Grassroots Advocacy Manager. “Hearing from professionals who do this work, day in and day out, really helps advocates be more engaged and take what they learned back to their credit union.”

The training was positively received, with many participants expressing they felt ready to take the next step in their advocacy efforts.

“As someone who is relatively new to the financial industry and looking to start a new career and build upon it at HAPO, [the training] was a great intro into the world of possibilities on how to support not only my credit union, but credit unions across the board,” said Meaghan Brooks, Mobile Marketing Financial Services Specialist at HAPO Credit Union.

Interested in learning more about NWCUA Advocacy Trainings? Please reach out to Jordan Beyer.

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