Digital Align Partners with Strategic Link to Boost Credit Unions’ Profitability


Strategic Link is pleased to announce a new partnership with business process strategy and transformation firm, Digital Align. This new partnership will help Northwest credit unions eliminate repetitive tasks, achieve better earnings, and spend more time cultivating relationships with prospective and current members.

The company’s digital transformation experts leverage their knowledge of technology, business processes, and program management to deploy innovative solutions that enhance capabilities in sales, service, marketing, operations, and integration.

“Our team is a big believer in what credit unions can do for consumers,” Digital Align CEO, Rajesh Patil, said. “We want to help them do more. Digital Align has great respect for Strategic Link and the innovative support it provides for credit unions.”

Gesa Credit Union has already seen major success working with Digital Align. At the beginning of the year, the Richland, Washington-based credit union was furiously processing mortgage applications and had difficulty finding qualified mortgage processors to handle the volume. Gesa partnered with Digital Align to transform its mortgage process, end-to-end, and by March, the credit union was already beginning to reap the rewards.

When COVID-19 hit the United States, federal interest rates plummeted, causing mortgage volumes to surge even more. But this time, Gesa was prepared, having automated 60% of its mortgage process with the help of Digital Align.

“We’re handling the highest mortgage volumes ever in the history of Gesa, and we’re not adding staff. Gesa is up to $70 million a month and growing, including a 300% increase in mortgage applications by increasing its processing speed by 200%.”
Rajesh Bandaru, Gesa CIO 

Automation has helped keep Gesa’s employees focused on serving members rather than on repetitive and time-consuming busywork, such as combing mortgage applications for missing fields. With Digital Align’s digital assistants, missing fields are quickly identified and filled with correct information, saving precious time.

“At Gesa, we are always looking to streamline our processes to serve more members, control expenses, and increase revenue — all while providing the best member experience possible,” said Gesa’s President and CEO, Don Miller. “Digital Align’s domain expertise and solutions aligned really well with our needs.”

As a result of implementing Digital Align’s solutions, Gesa employees are working less overtime, and data has become more consistent.

“We’re very pleased with the results Gesa Credit Union has achieved by modernizing and streamlining its processes,” Patil said. “Our team’s blend of experience in both the credit union and the tech worlds gives us the insight necessary to diagnose issues and apply the appropriate tools to fix them.”

Strategic Link is thrilled to help bring Digital Align’s business automation solutions to more credit unions in the Northwest.

“Digital Align has deep roots in supporting credit unions and their members. We are so pleased that they were positively received in the recent Value Creation Task Force meeting and are excited for this partnership. We have the utmost confidence in their strong team and look forward to seeing Digital Align build a bright future with Northwest credit unions.”

To learn more about Digital Align, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208-286-6794.

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