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No one could have predicted the course 2020 would take, and change is accelerating faster than ever. There’s no such thing as “going back to normal” in a post-pandemic world, but how do credit unions find their footing to make solid, strategic decisions without being able to count on past experience?

CUNA Mutual Group’s upcoming event, the Moving Forward Forum: Insights and Strategies for a New Frontier, will help shed light on that big question. The forum, to be held Thursday, June 25, at 8:30 a.m. PDT (9:30 a.m. MDT) features several industry experts who will lead three important, forwarding-thinking sessions on helping credit unions improve agility, increase revenue, and effectively serve the growing multicultural consumer population. Sessions include:

  1. How Leveraging Agility Will Help You Meet Uncertainty Head-On
    Presented by Tammie Harvey, Director of Continuous Improvement and Agile Execution, CUNA Mutual Group, and Ashley Utz, Vice President of Human Resources, CUNA Mutual Group
    Harvey and Utz dive into the industry’s rapidly changing conditions. Now, more than ever, leading is more complex and requires credit unions to think about and adjust the way they serve members and accommodate employees’ needs. They will share strategies that are helping credit unions lean into uncertain times with confidence.

  2. Maximize Credit Unions’ Non-Interest Income
    Presented by Bob Larson and Jeff Davenport, Financial Consultants, CUNA Mutual Group
    Larson and Davenport examine today’s unprecedented economic conditions and how they greatly impact credit unions’ key performance indicators (KPIs) — in particular, credit union earnings. In order to be there for members and keep regulators satisfied, credit unions must explore every aspect of their income statement to leverage additional income. Learn strategies to sustain and improve non-interest income revenue streams and explore industry best practices to help with strategy.

  3. Multicultural Consumers — The Good, The Bad, and The Opportunity
    Presented by Edgar Hernandez and Opal Tomashevska, Sr. Managers of Multicultural Business Strategy, CUNA Mutual Group
    Hernandez and Tomashevska explore future industry opportunities, pitfalls, and what credit unions can do to be ready for both. By 2030, multicultural consumers will make up the majority of the nation’s population — a growth that will bring new opportunities for empathetic and savvy organizations. But some are still looking retrospectively at how the consumer landscape “used to be,” and not at how “it will be.” This will not only limit their ability to connect with new consumers, but also limit their ability to attract diverse talent. Recent events have amplified differences in income, healthcare access, and discrimination toward people of color. These new challenges require novel solutions. Is your credit union ready to connect with this market?

CMG’s forum is open to all credit unions at no charge. Can’t attend that day? That’s OK — register now and receive on-demand access to the sessions and resources for up to 90 days.

To learn more about CUNA Mutual Group, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources, at 208-286-6794.

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