Would You Hire This Member Service Representative?


Jeff Rendel is a certified speaking professional and Strategic Link partner who works with credit unions that want entrepreneurial results in sales, service, and strategy. Here he shares expert insight on how credit union front-line staff can continue providing excellent member service.

I first noticed it last summer. After making a change to flight plans through an airline’s contact center, I remained on the line for a brief, one-question survey. The Net Promoter Score question was coming, and I was ready to answer with an incredibly positive rating. Instead, the automated evaluator asked: 

“Would you hire the last customer service representative you spoke with if you owned a customer service company?” 

Since then, I’ve heard this question many times. Could this question be a more telling gauge of quality member service? Could it help in the ongoing design and effectiveness of your credit union’s member service training program? These are worthwhile questions to consider.

It’s key to reinforce these best practices to help your front-line leaders continue providing the outstanding service credit unions are known for. 

  • Greet with enthusiasm. Your member called, stopped by, texted, emailed, or started a chat for a reason — they need assistance. It’s important to thank the member for connecting, acknowledge the relationship they’ve built with your credit union, and treat them like the MVM — Most Valuable Member.
  • Reference something personal. Utilize on-screen information to make a connection with the member — reference their membership tenure, birthday, status in your loyalty program, etc. Let them know how much you value their business. 
  • Take care of the request. Ask questions, actively listen, make recommendations, be efficient, and impress your member with your commitment to their inquiry. You are the CEO of the moment, an extension of your credit union’s brand and image.
  • Deepen the relationship. Not every moment is appropriate for business development; however, in actively listening to your member, you may learn of other needs your credit union can help them with. When the moment is right and your recommendation could be beneficial, extend a professional suggestion.
  • Thank, thank, thank. Once you settle the original request, ask if there is anything else you can help with. If there isn’t, thank your member with enthusiasm, make your farewell memorable, and give them a reason to return. 

The most customer-centric companies in the world recognize that service is the principal driver of customer growth, retention, and lifetime value. Their business models are built around customer success. Utilize these concepts to refine your credit union’s service model and create a service team that any company would be proud to hire.

When your members succeed first, your credit union succeeds always. 

Jeff Rendel is the President of Rising Above Enterprises. For three decades – through more than 2,000 presentations, facilitations, and consultations – he’s helped credit unions grow market share, increase profits, and enrich experiences. To learn more about partnering with him, visit his Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources, at 208-286-6794.

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