Six Tips for Highly Effective Member Text Messaging


In recent months, credit unions have grappled with lobby closures, jammed phone lines, member anxieties, and more. But because of their member-centric business model, credit unions have risen to the occasion, finding new, innovative ways to meet the challenges head on.

Many credit unions have turned to text-messaging solutions, like Eltropy, to keep members informed as they stayed home.

Looking ahead to the future, it’s clear text messaging will continue to be an effective tool for engaging with members during crisis situations, and Eltropy provides a secure and TCPA-compliant way to do that. Credit unions can use Eltropy’s technology to send product offers and emergency info, resolve member issues, cross-sell/upsell financial products, aid in the loan process, and collect debts — all via a simple text.

Below, the Strategic Link partner outlines six essential tips for effective text messaging.

  • Avoid information overload. It’s important to prioritize communications during challenging times, but it’s even more imperative to provide members with only the most timely, relevant, and useful information to avoid cluttering their inbox.
  • Avoid negativity. Keep the language positive. It will ensure messages are well received by members. Craft texts that are uplifting, timely, and encouraging during a difficult time. 
  • Prioritize empathy. While text messaging may have been used for informational purposes in the past, now is the time to take a sensitive approach and recognize what members are going through. For example, if a credit union is taking extra steps to help those in need, that story can most certainly be communicated to members. 
  • Don’t forget about compliance. Compliance regulations play a big role in sending messages, even in times of emergency. Eltropy walks credit unions through these sometimes cumbersome and difficult-to-navigate guidelines, showing them how to obtain consent through several avenues, like messaging signups, email campaigns, and more.
  • Get personal. Personalized messages go a long way with members. Addressing members by name shows that the credit union cares about them as an individual. This attention to detail leads to increased brand trust and loyalty.   

To learn more about Eltropy’s texting solution, visit the Strategic Link partner online or contact Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources, at 208-286-6794. 

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