CU Learning TRAXX: Seven Tracks to Keep Credit Unions Ahead of the Curve


Credit unions have adapted and evolved amid a tempestuous sea of change over the last few months — and where there’s change, there’s opportunity. 

Next week, Northwest credit unions will be able to register for topical, future-focused content through CU Learning TRAXX, NWCUA’s new educational program designed for credit union professionals across every department and discipline. The just-in-time programming will be delivered through a cutting-edge, feature-rich digital platform that puts the webinars of yesteryear to shame.

CU Learning TRAXX consists of seven individual content tracks — seven avenues through which to connect with peers, collaborate on issues affecting the industry, hear from expert speakers and thought leaders, and further the Credit Union Movement. While each track is designed with a target audience in mind, they are open to all professionals.

The seven tracks include:
  • Financial Strategy: Riding the Economic Wave of Opportunity
    A sound financial strategy is critical to delivering tangible value to your members. This track offers a series of sessions that brings you the latest updates on the economy, helps you navigate the path forward, and teaches you strategies for maintaining a growth trajectory. 
  • Culture Defines Experience: Weaving Culture and Brand Through Your Organization
    Member experience begins within. The sessions in this track focus on helping you build a strong credit union identity that is woven throughout your entire organization — including your remote workforce. 
  • Community Impact & Financial Health: Leveraging Resources for Financial Resilience
    As not-for-profit financial cooperatives, community is in our DNA. This track takes a deep dive into what it means to be community-focused, including tangible ways to maximize your impact. 
  • Operational Innovation: Maintaining High-Touch Engagement in a Digital Environment
    Credit union members expect their financial institutions to be one or two steps ahead, bringing them the best technology solutions that also are safe and reliable. This track highlights the latest innovations and opportunities to anticipate so you can stay ahead of your members’ expectations. 
  • Inform the Future: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
    Engage in thought-provoking sessions that deconstruct and re-inspire your notions of leadership and the future you’re creating. These sessions bring the most riveting and revolutionary keynote speakers on leadership and the future directly to your team.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: It’s More than Just Compliance! Taking Risk to Create Member Value
    Who’s afraid of risk? This track features a series of sessions designed to help your credit union not only weather storms, but also take risks to deliver maximum member value.
  • Directors’ Only Series: Guiding the Movement Into Tomorrow
    Advancing the Movement requires credit union boards to adapt and lead through a rapidly evolving environment. This track explores foundational skillsets from a timely perspective that strengthen board members’ abilities to lead and serve their credit unions, members, and the broader community.

Stay tuned for upcoming information regarding registration, pricing, dates, and more!

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