Credit Union Leaders Join NWCUA’s Idaho Rebounds Meeting


Idaho was the last Northwest state where COVID-19 necessitated stay home measures to stop the spread, and the first state to implement re-opening. With fewer new cases of the coronavirus confirmed, Governor Brad Little was able to implement his “Idaho Rebounds” plan sooner than neighboring states, and so far, so good.

Idaho credit union leaders joined an Idaho Rebounds meeting convened by the Northwest Credit Union Association on June 3 to discuss matters surrounding the re-opening of the state.

Efficient budgetary management by the state and the legislature over recent years, has been a large part of how the Gem State’s economy successfully weathered the COVID-19 storm, according to Alex Adams, Administrator & Budget Chief, Idaho Division of Financial Management. While the Governor’s office has directed state agencies to prepare for 5% budget cuts, the budget forecast is far less drastic than the multi-billion-dollar shortfalls other states expect.

“Citizens can have confidence the fiscally conservative policies of Idaho will serve them well.”
— Alex Adams, Administrator & Budget Chief, Idaho Division of Financial Management

Adams thanked credit unions for the work they are doing to support communities during COVID-19, including funding they provided to thousands of businesses through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. The state has set aside $31 million in funding to help small businesses and has made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to businesses through Idaho’s strategic stockpile and bulk ordering process.

Also briefing credit unions at the meeting was Representative Rick Youngblood (R-Nampa-11).

“I want to thank all the credit unions for the work you’re doing,” said Youngblood, who has a long background working in community banks.

Rep. Youngblood noted it’s good to see Idaho reopening, but added that the public needs to feel comfortable with face-to-face contact again.

Governor Little will address consumer confidence with the new One Idaho campaign.

“We are open, but we need people putting money back into the market,” said Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the office of Governor Little.

The One Idaho campaign will message that the right precautions are being taken and that people are safe to be out aiding in the recovery of Idaho businesses.

“Credit unions have performed extraordinary services to help their communities during the pandemic,” said Ryan Fitzgerald, NWCUA Vice President of Legislative Affairs for Idaho. “As community leaders, they’re also taking all the right steps to protect the public’s health and safety as Idaho begins to rebound.”

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