Safeguard Your Credit Union’s Reputation with the Experts at ReputationUs


In recent months, credit unions have made great strides to adapt to less-than-ideal circumstances and provide the best possible support to their members and employees. But when navigating uncharted territory, it can be difficult to take all the right turns.

To help credit unions bolster and safeguard their reputations in today’s challenging environment, Strategic Link is pleased to announce its partnership with ReputationUs, a leading communications firm.

ReputationUs helps credit unions preemptively assess and analyze their reputations — internally and externally — and makes sound recommendations on how to improve and protect images across multiple audiences and risk categories. In the event that a credit union’s reputation is impacted, ReputationUs deploys its crisis planning and management task force to mitigate against additional disruption.

“In today’s critical environment, especially during this challenging pandemic, credit unions increasingly need to protect and enhance their valuable reputations,” said Casey Boggs, President of ReputationUs. “The world has changed since COVID-19, and credit unions are on high alert to protect themselves and prepare for what’s around the corner. We can help.”  

Crisis response and reputation management services now offered to NWCUA member credit unions include:

  • Updated crisis response plans
  • Simulated crisis response training (via Zoom) for credit union leaders
  • Assessments to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities of a credit union’s reputation
  • Reputation enhancement plans to bolster a credit union’s image

 “We’re thrilled to partner with ReputationUs to provide these valuable resources to our member credit unions,” said Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources. “Their expert guidance comes at a critical time when credit unions are strategizing new ways to operate amid a rapidly changing economy.”

To learn more about ReputationUs, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208-286-6794.

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