Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign Resumes in the Northwest Tomorrow


It was paused, but now it’s back, and it’s more timely than ever.

The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign is re-launching tomorrow in the Northwest with messaging that’s aligned with what’s on consumers’ minds now – financial security. The message is clear — credit unions have their backs.

In January, the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign launched in the Northwest, garnering impressive consumer attention as measured through video completion rates and consumer reach.

The Credit Union National Association paused the campaign nationwide, following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the nation. During the months the campaign was paused, CUNA conducted consumer surveys and realigned the campaign’s messaging to better reflect the current environment.

After conversations with executives representing the NWCUA’s Strategic Market Share Task Force and Northwest credit union CEOs, the consensus was unanimous — now is the time to re-launch and show consumers the credit union difference.

The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union digital-first campaign is once again live in many parts of the country with ads that stress credit unions are safe, open, and here to help. CUNA is taking a “crawl, walk, run” approach to the re-launch, conducting A/B testing on its messaging and collateral, and will adjust if needed.

Ads soon will begin to reappear throughout the region on social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as on websites such as In March, initial Northwest campaign reports showed digital ads garnered nearly 19 million impressions and 8.8 million completed video views, reinforcing that the region’s campaign hit or exceeded benchmarks.

“Re-launching at this time will capture mindshare as consumers start to pivot and turn their focus toward how they will go forward,” said Danielle Sittu, Northwest Credit Union Association SVP of Marketing and Communications. “It’s the perfect time to tell consumers credit unions are the best financial services option.”

To learn more about Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union, visit NWCUA online. Questions may be directed to Danielle Sittu. Campaign report updates will be available in June.

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