Idaho Central Credit Union Partners with Crush the Curve Idaho to Provide Greater Access to Antibody Testing

Staff at Idaho Central Credit Union pose with “The Green Machine” in front of a COVID-19 antibody testing site — while maintaining the proper social distance.


Last month, Idaho Central Credit Union partnered with Crush the Curve Idaho, an initiative led by Idaho businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through greater access to active virus and antibody testing.

“Idaho Central Credit Union takes the health and safety of our members and team members very seriously, and we believe this was a way for us to keep our members safe while serving them in person as well as online,” said ICCU’s Director of Public Relations, Laura Smith.

Within just four days, the credit union set up an antibody testing site at its headquarters in Pocatello. Working with Portneuf Medical Center and Crush the Curve Idaho, ICCU was able to test over 2,400 people in just 13 days.

An ICCU staff member gets his blood drawn at the testing site in Pocatello.

“In order to get a testing site up and running, it’s important to have strong teamwork between the provider, the organization running the site, the event coordinators and all the volunteers,” said Smith. “We had the most amazing crew here at our site.”  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated as much as a third of people infected with the coronavirus could be asymptomatic. By making it easier to administer more tests, Crush the Curve Idaho is helping health officials better determine how widespread the virus is and whether or not the presence of antibodies signals immunity.

“There is no better way to get employees back to work safely than to have access to testing,” said ICCU President and CEO, Kent Oram. “Crush the Curve Idaho is great to work with and they can help businesses find solutions to their testing needs.”

Though ICCU has now transitioned testing to Portneuf Medical Center due to a decrease in demand, Smith says the credit union is fully prepared to reopen its site very quickly if needed.

More information about Crush the Curve Idaho can be found on its website. Videos and images from efforts across Idaho can be found on Facebook by searching under the #CrushTheCurveIdaho hashtag.

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