CU Solutions Group Offers Credit Unions Free Resources


CU Solutions Group understands this is a challenging time for its credit union partners, which is why it is offering essential solutions in marketing, technology, membership enhancements, performance management, and operations.

The Strategic Link partner wants to reassure credit unions that the services it provides will not be interrupted due to COVID-19. The CU Solutions Group team is agile, mobile, and well-equipped for continued, secure operations on a remote basis.

In addition to its COVID-19-focused solutions, CU Solutions Group is offering its credit union partners several free resources to help them stand strong through the pandemic.

Credit unions can access COVID-19-related educational content free until Sept. 30. More information and links to CU Solution Group’s resources are available on the Northwest Credit Union Association’s COVID-19 Strategic Link partner page. Click here and scroll down for more information.

Educational Courses

HR offices are working overtime to ensure credit union staff can perform their jobs safely and effectively. Relevant courses include:

  • Establishing Effective Virtual Teams
  • Facing Virtual Team Challenges
  • Becoming a Successful Collaborator
  • Managing in a Crisis
  • Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience
  • Assessing Your Organization’s Risks
  • Responding Effectively to Risks
Video Advertising

CUBE TV Studios has produced a series of free credit union-focused video ads that emphasize the availability of emergency loans, loan modifications, and skip payments; and reassure members that their funds are safe, secure, and federally insured. The videos can be leveraged on social media, digital video streaming services, ATMs, GSTV, and broadcast television.

Crisis Responses Videos

Credit unions can access a free series of brief strategy and compliance videos to help them manage a crisis. Topics include:

  • Helping Employees Through Crisis
  • Governance and Financial Impact
  • Lending in Hard Times
  • Cybersecurity and Scams
  • Working Remotely Tips
  • Top Questions Credit Unions are Asking

To learn more about CU Solutions Group, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208-286-6794.

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