Engaging Members When and How it Matters Most


What can credit unions do during a global crisis for which no clear predictions can be made? They can be beacons of light for their members and the communities they serve. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, credit unions are looking for distinct ways to strengthen relationships with members and foster future growth.

A leading provider of customer engagement solutions, Harland Clarke provides credit unions with a variety of tools, such as lifecycle marketing solutions, communications services, and promotional products. Below, the Strategic Link partner offers tips for building brand equity during this tumultuous time.

Access to Services

Many credit unions have invested heavily in improving digital access for members over the last few years, and those efforts are ramping up now more than ever. Now is the time to work with members to ensure they are fully utilizing those digital tools. Harland Clarke recommends that credit unions take a multichannel approach — such as through display advertising, email, direct mail, secure messaging, local listings, contact centers, and social media — to reinforce the message of access points to meet the needs of their members.

Relationships with Members

There’s no better time for credit unions to deepen bonds with existing members. First and foremost, this is an opportunity for credit unions to remind members they are their community partners, not just financial institutions. Credit unions can continue utilizing their existing capabilities to offer tailored banking solutions and provide valuable tips on how members can make the most of their unique circumstances during the pandemic.

Safety and Soundness

Credit unions can continue reinforcing the message that their members’ funds are secure. Between the NCUA and FDIC, there are few safer places to keep money than within a federally insured account. Additionally, credit unions can remind members of the protections afforded by Regulation E, as well as purchase protections on card transactions.

For more tips on building brand equity, view Harland Clarke’s full article, “An Extraordinary Turn of Events — A Discerning Course of Action.”

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