COVID-19 Resources Available for Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union-Contributing Credit Unions

CUNA has added COVID-19-focused Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union collateral to its Contributor HQ. Click to access the new materials.


Although the Credit Union National Association has pressed pause on the national Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union digital campaign due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CUNA has created new resources that reinforce the message credit unions are here for consumers during this challenging time 

Credit unions participating in the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union  campaign can access the new materials via the  Contributor HQ portal. 

New resources include: 
  • A special COVID-19 resources section in the  Credit Union Awareness Messaging Guide – Additional guidance and content has been added to help credit unions communicate with members during this unprecedented time. 
  • COVID-19 social media tools for credit unions — CUNA has put together ready-to-use social media posts for credit unions to utilize to communicate with members across their digital channels. A how-to video also is included for credit unions interested in customizing these posts. 
  • Customizable digital graphics for credit unions to use — Credit unions can use these as is or add logos and website URLs. 

To access these materials, visit  and log in with your CUNA user ID and password. Questions about the Northwest campaign may be directed to Northwest Credit Union Association SVP of Marketing and CommunicationsDanielle Sittu 

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