NWCUA Reinforces the Message that Credit Unions are Safe, Secure, and Ready to Help


The Northwest Credit Union Association is helping credit unions share an important message with their members, legislators, the public, and the media: No matter how difficult the circumstances, credit unions are open, safe, and ready to serve.

Starting this week, a digital ad campaign will begin running on Facebook, Instagram, and in other media outlets throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to reinforce that message. The campaign champions all credit unions and their efforts to support their communities during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The Association also recently collaborated with former National Credit Union Administration Chair, Rick Metsger, to produce videos reassuring members their money is safe at their credit union. The videos were shared with legislators across the Northwest and on NWCUA’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

The videos, customized for Idaho, Oregon, and Washington credit unions, remind members that credit unions have their backs. Credit unions can share the videos on their websites and social media pages to help ease members’ financial concerns.

Additionally, NWCUA’s Coronavirus Preparation & Response Resources webpage houses a suite of digital ads and social media graphics credit unions can download, customize, and share online.

Added this week is a deep-dive summary of the CARES Act. In an effort to help member credit unions analyze and understand the Act, a $2 trillion stimulus package signed into law by President Trump March 27, NWCUA studied its implications and created a comprehensive summary. NWCUA will continue to advocate on behalf of credit unions as new legislation is proposed, as well as provide comprehensive summaries.

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