Glia’s Digital Platform Allows Credit Union Staff to Engage with Members Safely and Securely from Home


While credit unions help their members weather the COVID-19 storm, Strategic Link partners are assisting credit unions with logistical issues due to major workplace changes. Glia, an industry leader in digital solution management, is helping credit unions deliver frictionless member experiences during this difficult time.

Jason Smith, Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Strategic Resources, said Strategic Link partners like Glia have been stepping up to help Northwest credit unions when they need it the most.

“I’m really proud to be associated with companies like Glia that are helping our members by offering help, such as price relief, extended terms, and expedited service, which make such a difference in the ways our credit unions assure their members that their accounts are safe and secure.”
– Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources

Due to the current global pandemic, Northwest credit unions are grappling with the challenge of moving member services from branch offices to multiple remote locations. According to Glia CEO and Founder, Dan Michaeli, there are key issues that credit unions are experiencing now:

  • Moving employees to remote work
  • Handling a massive increase in call volume
  • Managing digital service requests
  • Teaching all members how use self-service portals

Michaeli noted that these problems are being felt by all credit unions, and it’s difficult to empower members to manage their accounts digitally when they haven’t used those services before. Glia’s holistic solution in this current environment can help in several ways.

Many of the calls Glia has received ask the same question: “How do we get our contact center up and running remotely?” Michaeli explained that Glia provides a digital member communication/collaboration platform that accomplishes two things:

  • Immediately and securely enable credit union employees to support customer calls from home
  • Enable digital communication and collaboration through chat, voice, video, co-browsing, and screensharing to deflect calls and serve members and employees more efficiently

He said that the key for credit unions is realizing the importance of starting the conversation in any channel that the member needs, whether it’s voice, messaging, or co-browsing. Michaeli also believes that credit unions are ahead of the curve when it comes to using technology wisely.

“Credit unions typically make more investments and use technology for member services than other financial institutions because members are so important for credit unions,” said Michaeli.

In order to help credit unions during COVID-19, Glia offers free testing, delayed payments, and free temporary use of its digital member-servicing platform. Additionally, credit unions can join Glia for a webinar, Thursday, April 2, from 1 to 2 p.m., PDT (2 to 3 p.m., MDT), on how staff can engage with members from the safety and security of their homes.

Michaeli recognizes that credit unions are operating in a very demanding environment during an difficult time, and he’s happy that Glia is able to help.

“We want to provide support, and we’re here to facilitate during this time,” Michaeli said. We’re grateful that our solutions are something that can make the process easier for credit unions. We hope anyone will reach out for whatever they might need.”

To learn more about Glia, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208.288.6794.

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