Financial Institutions Work Together to Address the Impact of COVID-19

A reposted Article from Vancouver SW Washington Business Journal

Washington’s financial institutions stand by consumers and communities during good times and challenging times. While COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges, it is reassuring to know that credit unions and banks are working together to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

“I have been impressed with how our Washington banks and credit unions are rising to the challenge,” said Charles E. Clark, director of the Washington Department of Finance. “They are not only making adjustments to keep their employees and the public safe while continuing to offer traditional services but are also coming up with new products and solutions to help struggling customers get through a difficult time.”

The Washington Bankers Association and the Northwest Credit Union Association are jointly sharing information to assure consumers that their financial institutions are safe, sound and reliable.

“We know this is an extremely challenging and uncertain time for so many of our customers and their families,” said Washington Bankers Association President and CEO Glen Simecek. “Fortunately, our residents can rely upon the safety of Washington’s banks and credit unions to protect their financial well-being so they can address the needs of their loved ones.”

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