Northwest’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign  Sees Positive Response  Since January Launch


Express Credit Union in Seattle is showcasing Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign materials in its branch and on its homepage.

There’s exciting news from the Northwest’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign — millions of consumers across the region are seeing the initiative’s digital-first ads and engaging with them.

That was the message credit unions heard last week, during a webinar with the Northwest Credit Union Association and the Credit Union National Association. Since launching throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in early January, the campaign’s ads have garnered nearly 19 million impressions and 8.8 million completed video views. More than 600,000 people have seen ads on social media, nearly 1.5 million have seen ads on websites such as, and 1.65 million have watched campaign videos on YouTube.

So far, the Northwest’s campaign is hitting or exceeding all the benchmarks, said Danielle Sittu, SVP of Marketing and Communications at NWCUA. 

“We’re very encouraged and pleased to see such strong results right out of the gate,” Sittu said. “It shows these ads are resonating with consumers, and not just in metro areas, but in so many corners of the Northwest. And we have our participating credit unions to thank – they generously stepped up to support this cooperative campaign. The investment shows.”
The campaign’s ads direct consumers to YourMoneyFurther.comwhich educates visitors on the Credit Union Difference and helps them find a nearby credit union. In just two months, the site’s seen 86,000 pageviews from across the Northwest. 

More information about the campaign’s findingsincluding the regional webinar recorded March 4, the Northwest’s report, which includes “live” data, and the 2020 campaign media plan, can be reviewed online. 

Credit unions also are helping to build upon the campaign’s momentum by showcasing the advertising in branches and on their websites. Express Credit Union, headquartered in Seattle, has placed campaign posters in its windows and a banner ad on its homepage to draw attention.


“Participating and supporting the Open Your Eyes campaign allows a small credit union like Express CU to be a part of a larger campaign when typically we are limited due to small budget. We believe in the message and want to support the efforts that the credit union industry is putting behind this. These efforts will, in turn, benefit the entire Credit Union Movement.” – Elizabeth Escobar, Chief Business Officer.

Credit unions showcasing the campaign’s ads in branches, on websites, and in other locations are strongly encouraged to share with the Association. Unitus Community Credit Union in Portland also believes in the campaign’s mission. Recently, President and CEO, Steve Stapp, and Board Chair, Frank Chinn, spoke on why they support it in this video.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: This heatmap shows where Northwest consumers have visited after seeing a campaign ad. This map tracks web traffic from Jan 6 to the end of February.

The campaign’s success wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the region’s credit unions. The Association is continuing to raise fundswith the goal of maintaining and building upon an already robust advertising spendYou can learn more about suggested contribution levels online, or reach out to Sittu to make a pledge. 

“Now that we’ve got this momentum, we need to keep it going,” Sittu said. “Credit unions that support this cooperative, consumer consideration campaign are making a direct impact on the Movement overall. The more funds we raise, the more robust our campaign in the Northwest can be. And as more consumers understand the Credit Union Difference, the more they will understand they have a choice in financial services.” 

Editor’s Note: Credit unions are encouraged to share their Open Your Eyes marketing efforts with the Association. Send images, videos, feedback, and other information to Communications Director, Elizabeth Baker.

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