CUNA Strategic Services and Agility Recovery Create Coronavirus Preparedness Kit


The coronavirus outbreak has developed into a global health crisis, and preparedness may prove to be a major business challenge for credit unions.  

There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. That’s why learning best practices for dealing with uncommon crises ensures the safety of both credit unions and their members.  

CUNA Strategic Services develops strategic alliance relationships to offer quality products and services to credit unions that contribute to their bottom lines, add to their peace of mind, and enhance member relationships. The Strategic Link partner recently collaborated with Agility Recovery, a business continuity and disaster recovery provider, to offer credit unions the Coronavirus Preparedness Kit. 

The kit includes a useful tabletop exercise and important steps credit unions should take to lessen the impact of a potential outbreak emergency, such as: 

Developing Your Plan 
  • Establish a pandemic emergency team cutting across all departments. Give each team member specific tasks, such as establishing attendance guidelines and communicating with employees and clients, and ensure that at least two people are fully knowledgeable of every responsibility. 
  • Identify who can work from home and determine the process for conducting business remotely. 
  • Cross-train employees, supervisors, and managers to cover other departments and geographic locations. 
  • Make a priority list of every company location and the distance between them in case someone has to come in from another location. Have directions to get from one location to the next. 
Preparing the Workplace 
  • Hang posters that encourage everyone to take maximum risk prevention, including covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough and washing their hands. 
  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer in kitchens, bathrooms, and other frequently visited areas. 
  • Clean all public-area surfaces with germ-killing solutions. 
During an Outbreak 
  • Notify all employees of the situation at hand. 
  • Monitor and report any unusual increases in absenteeism. 
  • Encourage employees who don’t feel well to stay home for at least 24 hours or until the fever breaks. 
  • Expect sick employees to be out 3-5 days. 

Access the Coronavirus Preparedness Kit in its entirety by downloading it here. Visit CUNA Strategic Services to learn more or contact Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources, at 208.286.6794.

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