NWCUA’s Troy Stang Elected as CUNA Board of Directors’ Chairman


Troy Stang, NWCUA President and CEO, addresses thousands of credit union advocates at CUNA GAC in Washington, D.C. Stang was elected CUNA Board of Directors’ Chairman and will serve a one-year term.

Northwest Credit Union Association President and CEO, Troy Stang, addressed thousands of credit union professionals as the newly elected Chairman of CUNA’s Board of Directors today, during CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C.

Stang was elected this week during the GAC, proceeding Brett Martinez, President and CEO of California-based Redwood Credit Union. Stang will serve a one-year term as Chairman.

“I am honored to be elected Chair of the CUNA Board of Directors, in service to the Movement. The real tangible value not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions generate and deliver to diverse memberships and communities across our great nation is what makes these financial institutions so different. There is no other financial services model that is directly accountable to those it serves. I am committed to inspiring collaboration throughout the industry to ensure the cooperative charter credit unions operate under is advanced and protected.” – Troy Stang, NWCUA President and CEO

During his keynote address to credit union advocates from across the nation, Stang reflected on his journey within the industry and how time and time again, he’s reminded of how credit unions change lives for the better.

“Since my early childhood, I knew credit unions always placed members’ needs first — and upheld direct accountability to placing people before profits,” he told GAC attendees. “What you do matters to people. You’re helping people, families, and communities realize their dreams and grow.”

Stang shared with attendees the story of Alan, a member he met while working at his first credit union, co-founded in the 1930s by Stang’s grandfather, in Minnesota. Alan worked at a tire recycling plant and had a young family. Each week, he’d take a small loan from the credit union to help provide for his family, and on Fridays he’d pay it back. Over time, Alan took advantage of the credit union’s budget counseling services, and eventually bought his family a mobile home.

“I have no doubt that credit union remains the center of Alan and his family’s financial universe,” Stang said. “I believe our story is made up of the Alans of the world — of people like him who got a shot at financial stability and success because not-for-profit credit unions were there to help them reach their financial goals. Aligning and sharing these stories is so important.”

As CUNA Board Chair, Stang told attendees he’s committed to promoting the Credit Union Difference “far and wide.”

“I remain committed to continuing to evolve and strengthen the three-tier operating structure that enables credit unions, leagues, and CUNA to deliver an environment where all consumers can choose, and do choose, not-for-profit credit unions as their trusted partner to achieve their dreams.”

Stang has served on CUNA’s Board of Directors since 2013, most recently as Vice Chair. He’s also served as Secretary and Treasurer. 

“Troy served the organization well during his tenure as the Vice Chairman of our CUNA board,” said Jim Nussle, CUNA President and CEO. “I want to welcome Troy to his new role. I know CUNA will benefit greatly from the experience and energy he will bring to the position. I also want to thank our outgoing Chairman Brett Martinez for his excellent leadership and contributions to the Credit Union Movement.”

In 2008, Stang joined the Credit Union Association of Oregon as its President and CEO. Since then, he’s committed himself to further advancing credit unions’ operating environment through strategic collaboration with more than 170 credit unions across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

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