Glia Helps Credit Unions Deliver Frictionless Member Experience


Providing a seamless member experience is a goal for all credit unions, and having the right technology in place is paramount to reaching that goal. Strategic Link partner, Glia, is a digital-first member communication and collaboration platform that transforms digital member servicing for credit unions.

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in Pennsylvania with over 450,000 members, was committed to creating a frictionless member journey. To do so, the credit union required a robust customer experience solution to help execute upon their member engagement strategy, which included goals to increase new member acquisition and loan application completions, improve credit services support, and enhance usage across their digital properties.

PSECU wanted an easy-to-use member service solution that would ensure positive interactions and empower representatives to provide exceptional support throughout the member experience. That’s where Glia came in.

After implementing Glia’s chat software to support loan applications in 2016, PSECU quickly expanded to new member and mortgage applications, utilizing Glia’s live-session member-monitoring features. Soon after, PSECU implemented more Glia features to refine the member experience, including CoBrowsing, Live Observation, Intelligent Operator Assistants, and more.

The results spoke for themselves: The credit union saw a 160% growth in digital engagements year-over-year, 1.5 times increase in completed online applications, and an 18-second decrease in average handle time (AHT).

“Glia’s digital member service technology aligns with PSECU’s ‘anytime, anywhere’ banking model and truly helps maximize the value we provide our members,” said PSECU President George Rudolph.

Implementing Glia’s communication features is simple. Credit unions can begin with a chatbot, transfer to live chat, and then upgrade to voice or video while leveraging valuable collaboration tools — all from the same fully integrated platform.

“Glia is also committed to improving member experiences for credit unions of the Northwest. Their technology platform simplifies and transforms interactions between members and credit union staff, leading to better, more meaningful overall engagement. They really impressed our Value Creation Task Force, and I anticipate a similar reaction with others.” – Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources

To learn more about partnering with Glia, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208.286.6794.

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