Credit Unions Help Families Achieve their Dreams — Whatever the Dream Might Be


Thanks to a loan from Clarity Credit Union, the Haro family is now complete.

During Idaho Credit Union Day at the Capitol last week, advocates and lawmakers learned about Felix and Camille Haro’s dream to have a family, and how their credit union helped them make that dream a reality.

The Haros had discovered to start a family, they’d need an expensive in vitro fertilization process. They sold a ton of tamales and had garage and bake sales to raise money to start a family, but it wasn’t enough. 

A friend suggested that they get a loan from Clarity Credit Union. They scheduled an appointment with Tamara Zimmerman at the Middleton branch, and the news was good! 

“I couldn’t believe it when she called and said, ‘You got it. The money will be in your account tomorrow. Go have a family,’”Camille said.

Today the Haros are the proud parents of twin boys and a baby girl. 

“It’s pretty cool, right?” asks Nick Fugal, Chief Financial Officer at Clarity. “It’s cool to think that by giving a loan, now there’s life. And this family has been started.” 

Check out the video below to hear the Haros talk about their experience working with Clarity.

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