Gravity Payments Partners with White River Credit Union to Create a Customized Solution


Strategic Link partner, Gravity Payments, works with credit unions on solutions for loan payment processes, as well as creating systems for credit union business partners to process credit card payments.

Recently Gravity Payments worked closely with White River Credit Union in Enumclaw, Washington, to customize a program for processing loan payments — mortgage, auto, and personal — made with credit or debit cards or accounts from financial institutions other than those at the credit union.

Earlier in 2019, White River Vice President of Operations, Maria Hansen, saw an opportunity to partner with a new loan payment processing company. She reached out to Corina Ruiz, Strategic Partnerships Manager for Strategic Link at the Northwest Credit Union Association, who made the introduction. That initial conversation resulted in a strong partnership between Gravity Payments and White River Credit Union.

Hansen said she was impressed with the personal attention that Gravity Payments brought to the conversion project from day one.

“It surprised us that it was so simple and smooth,” Hansen said. “They had a very good process in place for onboarding. They [also] provided great training, but their solution was so user-friendly and intuitive that it almost wasn’t necessary. I’ve been in many other conversions and this was the easiest I’ve ever experienced. It didn’t take long for it to be up and running,” said Hansen.

Working with Hansen on the project, Courtney Tavares, Networking and Sales Executive for Gravity Payments, sat down with White River leaders to learn about their specific needs and their members’ experiences and expectations. She explained that the initial consultation took into account the credit union’s current process, its member base, as well as how the credit union could increase its efficiency and reporting.

After taking all the information from the consultation in hand, she developed and presented a customized solution for the credit union and its members that introduced new methods, such as online payments, yet still allowed in-person and phone payments for those members who weren’t quite ready to join the digital age.

While White River interviewed several potential vendors, they decided on Gravity Payment’s customized solution. Their service was exactly what the credit union needed, and, according to Hansen, it is very streamlined, simple, and user-friendly for the credit union members.

“Once we had the approval, it took about a week to get the process up and running,” Tavares said. “We were able to improve their systems for all three types of payments — online, phone, and in-person — and all of those types filter into one integrated payment solution. That solution gave White River more reporting features and the ability to pull more data than they were able to access before. Within this solution, the pricing and the support both were improved for the credit union,” said Tavares.

Hansen agrees. The credit union’s previous vendor program didn’t have the ability to customize payments, and its pricing and reporting was very confusing. Hansen said that Gravity Payment’s invoices and reports are easy to understand, and, along with the customized solution, the company has provided White River with excellent follow-through and have been very quick to make changes when needed.

“I really appreciate the responsiveness they’ve shown,” Hansen said. “We’ve felt very taken care of — they would bend over backwards to help us. Working with Gravity, Tavares, and her team was a wonderful experience.”

Tavares and Hansen both appreciate the relationship aspect that White River and Gravity Payments have developed. The two continue to work together to ensure that the process functions in the most efficient way possible.  

“It’s partnerships like these that make the work of Strategic Link so important. We look for vendors who will take the time to understand our members’ needs, and Gravity Payments is that kind of vendor. We appreciate the work they do on behalf of our members,” said Vice President of Strategic Resources Jason Smith.

To learn more about Gravity Payments, visit its Strategic Link partner page or contact Jason Smith at 208.288.6794.

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