Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Campaign Launches in the Northwest

Northwest consumers are learning about the Credit Union Difference through digital ads on social media and videos on YouTube. The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign launched Jan. 6 in the Northwest.


It’s officially on – the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative has launched in the Northwest. More than a million consumers throughout the region are about to find out why credit unions are the better financial partner.

On Jan. 6, the digital-first initiative launched in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, bringing bold, interactive advertising and videos to consumers’ smartphones, tablets, and computers.

As consumers use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, digital ads and videos may be served to them, directing them to, the initiative’s consumer-facing website. And when consumers use search engines looking for car and home loans, for example, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union ads also may begin to show up when they are online, if they are in the 25-54 year-old targeted demographic set. provides information on the benefits of credit union membership and connects consumers to nearby Northwest credit unions.

The campaign – first launched in Minnesota in January of 2019 – has seen excellent results, with 11.9 million consumers seeing the campaign’s digital ads and 119 million watching videos to completion as of the end of December, according to Credit Union National Association analytics. Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, along with Illinois and Mississippi, launched the digital campaign this week, making it live in 19 states across the country.

“The interaction we’re seeing from consumers across the United States is impressive,” said Northwest Credit Union Association SVP of Marketing and Communications, Danielle Sittu. “It tells us that people are ready for a better financial partner. Here in the Northwest, we expect to see strong results, thanks in large part to our member credit unions, which have generously supported this important initiative. With a robust digital advertising strategy, the next several years are going to bring credit unions into consumers’ consideration.”

The campaign’s highly targeted advertising strategy aims to reach consumers across the Northwest on social media and YouTube. The primary audience includes adults ages 25 to 34 who either have children or are expecting. A secondary audience, known as the “future thinkers,” is between the ages of 35 and 54 and either have or are expecting children. The advertising targets those searching for better financial solutions online, reading financial content, or researching bank competitors, and may be considering a large financial investment, such as buying a car or home.

The advertising strategy uses demographic data and geo fencing, consumer search data, and retargeting to drive deeper engagement and action.

In August, CUNA will distribute an annual consumer consideration survey in the Northwest, as well as in other states where the campaign has launched, which will help assess the campaign’s success. A credit union consumer consideration survey in the Northwest was distributed in the spring of 2019, helping to shape the Northwest’s digital ad buying strategy. It revealed that 27% of unaided consumers in the region would consider partnering with a credit union for a loan, versus 70% with a national bank. When aided, the percentage jumped to 75% credit union consideration, virtually leveling the playing field.

“The results tell us that consumers very clearly see and understand the value in credit union membership,” Sittu said. “Now it’s time to make that 75% a reality.”

The Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Market Share Task Force, made up of credit union leaders from across the region, provided frequent and valuable feedback prior to the launch, which also helped shape the campaign’s ad buying strategy. The campaign will run throughout the entirety of 2020, and continue for two more years.

As the campaign moves forward and credit unions continue to financially support the initiative, more digital advertising platforms may be introduced, such as Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Twitter, and Pinterest.

All Northwest credit unions are encouraged to visit the NWCUA’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union resource page for more information and to watch a Dec. 12 recorded webinar about the Northwest launch. The webinar includes details on campaign collateral available to credit unions, messaging guides, background on the ad buying strategy, and more.

Campaign results will be reported monthly by CUNA and your Association, and CUNA also will host a quarterly webinar on the campaign’s paid media metrics.

Credit unions can find the reports, along with messaging guides, campaign collateral, such as posters, banners, web banners, and more, online. Credit unions may download the materials and personalize them with their own branding. Unitus Community Credit Union recently incorporated the initiative’s branding with its own, adding signage around Unitus Plaza in downtown Portland and banners to its homepage.

Participating Northwest credit unions should consider sharing the campaign’s social media posts on their own channels. Visit YourMoneyFurther on Facebook, and sign up to be added to the community Facebook page. YourMoneyFurther also can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Credit unions interested in contributing to the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative may contact, Sittu, at 206-519-9405.

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