Idaho Continues the Positive Growth Trend in Q3 of 2019


Idaho continued its positive growth momentum over the year ending in the third quarter of 2019, seeing the highest median asset growth at 7.8% and highest median growth in shares and deposits at 8.9% nationwide, according to 2019 third-quarter data from the National Credit Union Administration.  

Comparatively nationwide, Washington saw the fifth-highest median annual loan growth at 6.1%; Alaska saw the highest median annual membership growth at 2.4%; Washington saw the fourth-lowest median total delinquency rate at 32 basis points (bps); Idaho saw the fifth-highest median loan-to-share ratio at 86%; Oregon saw the fourth-highest median return on average assets at 92 bps; and Alaska saw the highest positive net income at 100%.

Nationally, credit unions saw continued growth in the third quarter, however, loan growth slowed from a year earlier, with media loan growth at 3.8% at the end of Q3 2019. Nearly 90% of the nation’s credit unions reported positive net income. According to the NCUA, credit unions’ total assets rose by $98 billion, or 6.8%, over the year ending in the third quarter of 2019, to $1.54 trillion.

“Northwest credit unions continued to have strong growth through the third quarter 2019. Nationwide, credit unions have nearly one-third of all auto loans,” said John Trull, Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. “We offer more attractive rates not only in autos but other household financial products, such as credit cards and mortgages. With just over 5% of the credit card market and 6% of mortgage market, there is room for credit unions to grow.

Here’s how the Northwest closed out Q3 2019:

Median Annual Asset Growth
Idaho: 7.8% (highest nationwide)
Oregon: 3.3% 
Washington: 4.9%

Median Annual Share and Deposit Growth  
Idaho: 8.9% (highest nationwide)
Oregon: 2.4% 
Washington: 4.5% (fifth highest nationwide)

Median Annual Membership Growth
Idaho: 1.6% 
Oregon: 0.5%
Washington: 1.4%
Alaska saw 2.4% growth (highest nationwide)

Median Annual Loan Growth
Idaho: 6.1% (fifth highest nationwide)
Oregon: 4.1% 
Washington: 5.7% 

Median Total Delinquency Rate 
Idaho: 47 bps 
Oregon: 38 bps 
Washington: 32 bps, fourth lowest nationwide 

Median Loan-to-Share Ratio 
Idaho: 86%, fifth highest nationwide
Oregon: 80% 
Washington: 81%
Alaska saw 87%, fourth highest nationwide

Median Return on Average Assets
Idaho: 82 bps 
Oregon: 92 bps, fourth highest nationwide
Washington: 88 bps 

Positive Net Income
Idaho: 96% 
Oregon: 97% 
Washington: 94%
Alaska saw 100%, highest nationwide

To compare data to second quarter 2019, visit  Anthem online. For more information, see NCUA’s Quarterly U.S. Map Review

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