Unitus Community Credit Union is Ready to Open Consumers’ Eyes to the Credit Union Difference


Unitus Community Credit Union in Portland is ready to open more eyes to credit unions.

Take a stroll through downtown Portland, and you may see something familiar – big, bold, black-and-white advertising urging you to learn more about the Credit Union Difference.

The ads, depicting artwork from the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign, wrap around Unitus Plaza, where foot traffic is heavy – the perfect spot to open more eyes to credit unions.

Unitus Community Credit Union is building the campaign’s momentum, embracing its look and feel with the credit union’s own branding. Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union will launch Jan. 6 throughout the Northwest, and Unitus is ready to help consumers make the connection from the campaign to the credit union itself, with the ultimate goal of gaining new members.

“Unitus has experienced strong membership growth throughout the year, and we believe part of that growth is a direct result of sharing the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign’s messaging,” said Steven Stapp, President and CEO. “This initiative gives us the opportunity to advance our Movement on a broad scale, better enabling us to keep money flowing into local communities, increasing social mobility for those less fortunate, and creating a better world by respecting and uplifting the individuals in our communities.”

The credit union is a strong supporter of the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative. This summer, it added campaign advertising to its website, and Stapp also made a video encouraging other Northwest credit unions to pledge their financial support to the initiative. Also earlier this year, Unitus Board President, Frank Chinn, a fierce advocate for the industry initiative, penned a piece in support of the campaign.

Starting next month, consumers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington will begin to see the digital campaign’s ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s already launched in 14 states across the nation, reaching millions of people – more than 5 million on Facebook and 3 million on YouTube, with over 27 million videos viewed from start to finish.

The campaign’s consumer-facing website, YourMoneyFurther.com, directs visitors to nearby credit unions, and provides rich information on the Credit Union Difference. Read more about YourMoneyFurther.com here.

To contribute to the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative, or if you have questions about the Northwest’s advertising campaign, please contact Northwest Credit Union Association SVP of Marketing and Communications, Danielle Sittu at 206-519-9405.

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