Digital Onboarding, Inc., Helps Canopy Credit Union Maximize Membership Value


Seeking to grow engagement with new deposit and loan account members, Canopy Credit Union decided in December of 2018 to join forces with Strategic Link partner, Digital Onboarding, to deploy an innovative member onboarding solution.

Onboarding is a critical time. It is one of the first opportunities to provide an exceptional member experience. If members are delighted, they are much more likely to engage in other products and services in the future and become loyal, long-term members.

Canopy had a good member engagement strategy in place but wanted to streamline the process of sharing valuable information. Today, Canopy members can maximize their membership because they have ample knowledge of the products and services available to them.

“The onboarding process for members is much easier now,” said Alina Murcar, Digital Marketing Specialist at Canopy. “They have the opportunity to customize their membership based on services they individually need. For example, if someone wants eStatements and to do most of their banking on our app, the Digital Onboarding process provides easy access and directions to sign up for these services.”

Digital Onboarding’s platform increases conversion and satisfaction rates by guiding members through multi-step processes that would otherwise feel complex and confusing, such as adopting online banking, activating credit cards, and signing up for direct deposit. The platform also helps credit unions educate members during conversions and cross-sell products.

There are three key components of the Digital Onboarding platform that credit unions can access:
  • Smart Campaigns: Members receive email and text notifications to fully activate their accounts.
  • Guided Journeys: Custom account activation microsites guide members through each step of the set-up process.
  • Total Visibility: Reports ensure credit unions can see the actions that every member took to activate their new accounts.

Canopy members are reacting favorably to their Digital Onboarding journey. One member recently commented, “The signup process was more simple and quick than any bank or credit union I have used before.”

Canopy learned of Digital Onboarding’s solution through Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link promotional events and publications.

“It is outstanding to see such a strong business partnership develop between Canopy and Digital Onboarding,” said Jason Smith, VP of Strategy. “We are very happy that Digital Onboarding’s world-class technology is making such a big impact on Canopy’s member engagement and satisfaction.”

The credit union’s experience launching Digital Onboarding was quick and easy, Murcar said. Since that time, Canopy and Digital Onboarding have developed a strong, successful partnership.

“Having a business relationship where both parties are equally invested and hardworking is incredibly important,” said Murcar. “Digital Onboarding is easily one of our best partnerships. I met with the rep once a week for a few months in preparation for our launch. She took detailed notes and delivered on all of her scopes of work. She made my job easy, which is unheard of when launching a brand new product!”

With member feedback being positive and the implementation process seamless, Canopy is looking forward to continued success with Digital Onboarding.

“Our expectations have been met and exceeded! We would recommend them anytime, anywhere, to anyone,” said Murcar. “It’s rare to find a business partner that takes care of you as well as Digital Onboarding has taken care of us!”

Editor’s Note: Digital Onboarding is a Strategic Link partner. Learn more about them online. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jason Smith, VP Strategic Resources, at 208-286-6794.

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