The Power of Story and Mobilization

What makes Credit Unions different than other financial service providers? You and I may answer that by talking about the not-for-profit cooperative structure and the significant ways we return value to our communities (the numbers don’t lie). But how do we articulate what that means for our members in a meaningful way? We do this by telling the stories of how our credit unions have been able to help our membership and impact our communities. 

Collecting these stories and ensuring we promote them is the first step in successfully advocating for our movement. Folks can see numbers all day long but it’s the stories that animate the meaningfulness of our data points. 

When Credit Unions come under attack for “not paying their fair share” or “compromising their mission” we have thousands of stories that show this isn’t true. The question for us is, are we telling them?

It’s not surprising that the bank lobby is once again circulating untrue and misleading statements about credit unions. It’s time for advocates to mobilize and tell their stories.

An opportunity exists for you to do just that right now by responding to your state specific Call To Action and link examples of positive stories from your blogs and trade press. Examples of positive stories include the way your loans help families achieve their dreams, the businesses your loans open on Main Street, and the financial education programs you offer to help members manage their money.

In 1779, George Washington wrote “…that offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defence” and we hear this in sports all the time as “the best defense is a good offense.” Our stories are the greatest offensive weapon we have. Let’s tell those stories and help illuminate the Credit Union Difference.

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